“Best of 2016” – 9th February 2017

Our 3rd Annual Club Photography Competition, “The Best of 2016”, on 9th February in the Birr Social Club. The only criteria for images is that it had to be have been taken within the year 2016. The idea is for everyone to show one image from the last year that they consider to be one of their best. all images shown anonymously. After all the images have been shown, everyone will vote for their favourite top 3, and an overall winner, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded.

Best of 2016 BPG named

Best of 2016

Congratulations to Declan Hanniffy who claimed first place for his portrait of “Charlie Chaplin”;

First place - Declan Hanniffy

First place – Declan Hanniffy

Second place went to Michael Gleeson for his shot of a robin in the snow;

Second place - Michael Gleeson

Second place – Michael Gleeson

And third place was Phyl Jordan with her dog portrait.

Third place - Phyl Jordan

Third place – Phyl Jordan

Well done to everyone who entered.



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