“Depth” Photo Theme Night 20th April 2017

Photo Theme Night on the topic “Depth”. Use the aperture control on your camera to show depth of field in your images, whether it be wide for a shallow depth of field to highlight your subject or narrow to have everything in sharp focus. There was a great variety of images from flowers, birds, boats … Continue reading

“Motion Capture” Photo Theme Night 9th March 2017

  Use the shutter speed on your camera to capture motion in your images, whether it be fast to freeze motion or slow to blur motion There was a great variety of images shown including water, animals, vehicles and sport. Slow shutter speeds to show motion by blur and fast shutter speeds to freeze the … Continue reading

“Best of 2016” – 9th February 2017

Our 3rd Annual Club Photography Competition, “The Best of 2016”, on 9th February in the Birr Social Club. The only criteria for images is that it had to be have been taken within the year 2016. The idea is for everyone to show one image from the last year that they consider to be one of … Continue reading

Still Life Light Painting Photography Workshop – 2nd February 2017

  Light painting photography workshop in Dooley’s Hotel, Thursday 2nd February. Lighting still life subjects using only torch light or flash. (Click on a thumbnail for Gallery).   The idea was to practice total control over lighting your subjects and experiment with various lighting set ups to observe the effects. It was a lot of fun … Continue reading