Spirograph Photography Workshop February 2016

Remember as a kid playing with a Spirograph? It was a plastic geometric drawing kit that produced random circular patterns.

You can produce similar “Spirograph” patterns in photography using a fun light painting technique.

The idea is simple, you suspend a torch from a ceiling using string and set it swinging in a circular motion. The camera, positioned on the floor below the torch, records the light path of the torch. Take the shot using a long exposure in a darkened room to create geometric light paintings.

Spirograph 1 by Robert Revill

To create multiple patterns, simply cover the camera with a piece of card during the exposure and then rotate the light at a different angle before continuing the exposure.

Spirograph 2 by Robert Revill

Multi-coloured images can be produced by using different coloured lights, or adding a colour gradient in post production.

Spirograph 4 by Robert Revill

Images from the “Spirograph Photography” Workshop by Birr Photography Group in Craughwell’s Pub, Birr, County Offaly, Ireland on 4th February 2016.

(Click on a thumbnail for gallery).


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