“Reflections of Birr” Exhibition, Shorelines Festival, 6th September 2014

The “Reflections of Birr” exhibition by Birr Photography Group was featuring at the Shorelines Arts Festival in The Irish Workhouse Centre, Portumna, County Galway from 7th to 28th September 2014.

portumna workhouse gallery 2

Birr Photography Group’s exhibition entitled “Reflections of Birr”, taking the work of Mary, Countess of Rosse, as their inspiration. This talented pioneering photographer was awarded the Silver Medal by the Photographic Society of Ireland in 1859, and her husband, the third Earl of Rosse, was responsible for building the giant telescope in the grounds of Birr Castle, a telescope so huge that it remained the largest in the world until 1971. By creating photographic images with the use of mirrors, the group was seeking to fuse the passion for both photography and astronomy that found expression in the town of Birr back in the nineteenth century and link it to our present day. No computer manipulation was used in the making of any of the images, they were all taken using mirrors within the camera frame as the photographs were shot.

(Click on a thumbnail for Gallery)


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