Birr Workhouse Talks in Birr Library 6th and 9th November 2013

As part of the “Birr Union Workhouse” historical exhibition by Birr Photography Group and Birr Historical Society showing at Birr Library, Wilmer Road, Birr, County Offaly, Ireland from 8th October until 16th November 2013, there were several talks given in Birr Library on 6th and 9th of November giving personal accounts of the Workhouse.

If Stones Could Talk Lecture in Birr LibraryJack Ryan, Rob Revill, Speakers,  If Stones Could Talk Lecture in Birr Library

Topics and Speakers included:

1.      The Architecture of the Workhouse – Robert Revill

2.      Famine in Cadamstown – Paddy Heaney

3.      Ellen & Eliza Dooley – Orphan Emigrants to Australia – Bridget Sullivan

4.      Sisters of Mercy – Sr. Anne Hannon

5.      Poem on the workhouse graveyard – Jack Ryan

6.      The workhouse building – Margaret Hogan

7.      Birr shoes – Tommy Lyndon.

Thanks to Julien Kennedy for the photographs.


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