“Birr Union Workhouse” Photography Exhibition 17th August 2013


A Photographic Exhibition




“Birr Union Workhouse” a photographic exhibition by Birr Photography Group was showing at Birr Theatre and Arts Centre, Oxmantown Mall, Birr from 17th August until 1st September. The official opening by local historian Margaret Hogan was on Sunday 18th August at 7pm.

Birr Union Workhouse, its interior and exterior are the photographic subject for this exhibition with 41 images by thirteen photographers of Birr Photography Group.

Birr Workhouse designed by George Wilkinson was opened in 1842 just 3 years before the famine. Its function as an Institution was to deal with poverty by providing shelter and relief to the poor and destitute.

Since its closure in 1921 the functionality of this great historical building has been varied. From the 1930s it housed several small factories and was even used as a venue for a few Birr Vintage Week exhibitions.

Now in 2013 on Birr Photography Groups visit to this Historical vacant site we discover how the wheels have turned. The Grand Old Building and its environs has now become its own poor and destitute.

This Exhibition will also feature in the Birr Historical Society Conference on “Birr Workhouse” in Birr Theatre from Friday 6th to Saturday 7th September.

(Click on a thumbnail for gallery).


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