“Reflections of Birr” Photography Exhibition, Birr Theatre and Arts Centre, September to October 2012


A Photographic Exhibition



Birr is a heritage town with a unique Georgian character.

Birr Castle Demesne has been the residence of the Parsons family for over 400 years. During this time, the Parsons family has made exceptional contributions to astronomy, photography, engineering and botany.

Mary, Countess of Rosse (1813-1885), was a noted photographer.  Her photographs of the telescopes built by her husband, William 3rd Earl of Rosse, were exhibited at the Photographic Society’s first show in London. Her work earned her the Photographic Society of Ireland’s Silver Medal in 1859, Mary being the first recipient of such an honour.

A main feature in the grounds of Birr Castle is the great Leviathan of Parsonstown. This astronomical telescope with a 72 inch metal mirror was erected by the 3rd Earl of Rosse and was the largest telescope in the world until 1971.

Birr Photography Group has created photographic images with the use of mirrors, endeavouring to merge the history of photography and astronomical mirrors, to reflect the cultural heritage of Birr town.

The “Reflections of Birr” exhibition by Birr Photography Group is showing at Birr Theatre and Arts Centre, Oxmantown Mall, Birr, County Offaly, Ireland during September and October 2012.

The Exhibition will be launched by local historian Margaret Hogan on Friday 21st September from 7pm in Birr Theatre as part of “Culture Night” 2012.  All welcome.

These are a few of the images exhibited.

(Click on a thumbnail for gallery).


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